Aruba 59th BIG CARNAVAL 2013

Carnaval 2013

Jan 22 Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals
Jan 23 Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals
Jan 24 Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Pre-Finals
Jan 25 Aruba’s 59th Carnaval Queen Election & Show

Jan 26 Calypso & Roadmarch Contest Grand FINAL
Jan 27 Aruba Children Parade in San Nicolas
Jan 30 Aruba’s 19th Mrs. Carnaval competition in Oranjestad
Jan 31 Hebbe Hebbe Heineken Concert in Oranjestad

Feb 2 48th Noord Children Parade in Noord
Feb 2 Aruba Tivoli Lighting Parade in Oranjestad
Feb 3 Aruba Big Children Parade in Oranjestad

Feb 6 Tourist Night Steelband and Costume Show
Feb 7 San Nicolas Lighting Parade in San Nicolas
Feb 8 Balashi Ban Djo Djo Party in Talk of the Town Parking

Feb 9 Jouvert Morning Pajamas Parade in San Nicolas
Feb 9 Aruba Carnival Parade in San Nicolas
Feb 9 Street cruising the Route on the “Night Before” in Oranjestad
Feb 10 Aruba BIG CARNAVAL 59 PARADE in Oranjestad

Feb 11 Parade and Burning of Momito saying goodbye in San Nicolas
Feb 12 Last Farewell Carnaval Street Party and Parade in Oranjestad
Feb 12 Street Party ends with Burning of King Momo saying goodbye


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