TodaysArt, Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works

Chico MacMurtrie - Totemobile

In collaboration with DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival), Chico MacMurtrie and his team at Brooklyn’s Amorphic Robot Works will present the Totemobilein the Atrium of The Hague’s city hall. Totemobile is a robotic sculpture that initially appears as a life-sized representation of the culturally iconic Citroën DS automobile. In performance, this familiar figure is visually exploded, subverted and elaborated through various levels of abstraction until it reaches its final form: an organic 20-meter-tall totem pole. Upon reaching its full height, the work blooms with light, in the form of multiple organically-inspired inflatable sculptures suggesting the final maturation of an enormous biological organism.

Chico MacMurtrie is internationally recognized for his large-scale, performative, roboticinstallations, and interactive public sculpture. Graduated from UCLA (New Forms and Concepts) in 1987, he has exhibited widely in America, Europe, and Asia, and hasreceived the support of many notable granting agencies, including the RockefellerFoundation and the Daniel Langlois Foundation. His awards include five grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Vida Life and Ars Electronica award.

Chico MacMurtrie is the Artistic Director of Amorphic Robot Works (ARW), a collective hefounded in 1991, consisting of artists and engineers, who help in the realization of hiswork. Currently operating out of Brooklyn, New York, ARW is dedicated to the study andcreation of movement as it is expressed in anthropomorphic and abstract robotic forms.

Module: Indoor
Category: Exhibition, Performance
Date: Friday 23 September
Date: Saturday 24 September
Time: 19:00~00:30
Locations: City Hall – Atrium
Keywords: DEAF, Installation, Robotics, V2_, Visual Arts

more info:klik here


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