The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2012 Art

The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2012 (1)

While there are many carnivals around the world, the best kept Carnival secret is held in the party capital of the Caribbean, Trinidad.

‘Trini’s, short for Trinidadians, are well-known for the partying and revelry known as Trinidad Carnival.

This ultimate, once in a lifetime trip has to be experienced to be believed! Get to be an intimate participant of the exciting and colorful 2 day parade, plus parties and day trips galore, ending with a ‘cool down’ on the sister island of Tobago.

The Ultimate Trinidad Carnival 2012 (2)Indulge yourself and let us take care of everything so you can enjoy your trip!
Your ultimate experience will begin the moment you touch down in Trinidad.The parties and day trips begin right away, culminating with Trinidad’s Carnival parade in its entire splendor.  Tobago is known for its scuba diving, snorkeling and beautiful beaches.

More info: Read this!

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